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Don’t Tell Me…

Obama’s first State of the Union address is just a few hours away, and much of what the media (new and old) has focused on are what the President will say about issues such as spending and health care. Given the recent developments on these fronts, it easy to focus on them. However, one of the issues that the President will be bringing up is the issue of gays serving in the military.

This issue is one that has bothered the left for years, and is one of the things that is often cited as one of Clinton’s “sell-outs” amongst that group. Many of  you may not remember that the policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was a compromise between the Clinton administration (which desperately wanted gays to be able to serve openly) and the military (that desperately did not).

The problem with this policy, like so many coming from the left, is that it attempts to make the situation into something that it will never be (and probably never should be). In this case, the left wants to treat the military as a giant social engineering experiment. It looks at the military as an opportunity to test out its desired social policies, since the vast majority of those in the military would have to comply whether they liked it or not (you know, that whole chain of command thing).

The left conveniently forgets that the military is not just another large organization. As much as lefties may squirm at this fact, it’s reason for being is to defend this country, which usually entails defeating its enemies on the battlefield. This often requires actually killing another person (as opposed to Mirandizing them and sending them at an art therapy program). This business is hard, dirty work and requires several things that most other organizations don’t have a need for. One is a requirement to follow orders, no matter how seemingly trivial or insignificant. Another is a little intangible called unit cohesion. This can take on many forms, but for brevity’s sake, let’s define it as the need for the personnel within a unit to act as one.

Anything that causes damage to this unit cohesion is generally frowned upon. A great deal of time and energy is invested in developing and maintaining unit cohesion. One of the many arguments from the military at the time the policy was enacted was that it could damage unit cohesion at the small unit level (where it really matters). Like it or not, it was a serious worry, and probably remains so.

Now comes President Obama, who campaigned on (amongst other hare-brained ideas) to repeal “Don’t Ask” so that gays can serve openly in the military. Now that his great two-headed monster of health care reform (takeover) and cap and trade seem to be dead on arrival, he needs to do something to help placate his progressive base, which is becoming increasingly frustrated with his seeming inability to ram the progressive agenda home once and for all.

While it is unfortunate that the Obama administration thinks that making this change (which is very unpopular within the military) while we are prosecuting a war, it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. The left, of which President Obama is still a member in good standing (despite all this talk about spending freezes and populist anger), is pushing hard for him to make a substantive change that aligns with their goals. Someone on Obama’s team has examined the factors and decided that now is the time to push this policy change through. While it may excite his progressive comrades, it completely ignores the needs and desires of the military. Civilian control of the military is one thing, but continued meddling in the inner workings of the military, especially instituting grossly unpopular social engineering policies, is just another bad progressive idea.


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Never Let A Good Post Go To Waste

I have wondered why there has been no hue and cry from the mainstream media over the Obama administration’s mantra to never let a good crisis go to waste (but then I remember that most mainstream media outlets should change their name to Pravda). There seems to be a strange(?) synchronicity in these types of comments between members of the administration. Which has always made me wonder why they seemed so, well….pleased that the country has found itself in a moment of crisis as their administration has come into power.

So I bring to your attention, dear reader, this piece by National Review’s Jonah Goldberg. He rightly points out that the Obama administration is taking advantage of the country’s preoccupation with the economy to enact portions of his leftist agenda.  Let’s not forget that this administration comes from the same political spectrum that demonized the Bush administration for using 9/11 and the War on Terrorism as an excuse to perpetrate all manner of shameful and hurtful policies.

I close this post with a word from Saul Alinsky, the “community organizer” that informs so many of Obama’s senior administration officials, including Hilary Clinton and Obama himself: “One’s concern with the ethics of means and ends varies inversely with one’s personal interest in the issue.”

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News & Notes

It’s time for another edition on News & Notes..a quick peek at the things on my mind, and the minds of a lot of other Americans.

Today marks the 50th (official) day of the Obama administration. A lot of emphasis is put on a new administration’s first 100 days in office…it is the political equivalent of getting off the starting blocks. So, here we are halfway through that important period, and the question that I have been pondering is whether or not anyone that voted for this administration regrets their decision? It is hard for the human ego to admit when it is wrong, and Obama still enjoys a relatively high approval rating. However, it has started to slip in the past few weeks…not to mention the free-fall our stock market has been in since his inauguration. This morning on the way to work, I saw my first “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For McCain” bumper sticker. I will give Obama credit for one thing…this is about the earliest I have ever seen that bumper sticker appear.

I generally make it a habit to NOT watch the news from the three major networks. Nor do I watch MSNBC….however, it is often on at the gym, so I will watch from time to time. I am amazed at the obvious love affair it has with all things Liberal. The one thing that has disappointed me the most is Keith Olberman. For me, he and Dan Patrick made Sportscenter on ESPN into what it is today. I am not sure who gave him the career advice to ditch sportscasting and go wave his (red) flag on a news channel. He should sue whomever that is. Kudos to NBC for trying to reunite the dynamic duo on Sunday Night Football, but it is hard to get past the fact that he is another hack for the Liberals.

A random thought…who made the decision to label Republican states, districts, etc. red on the voting maps and the Democrat ones blue? Doesn’t it make more sense the other way around?…or is that just too obvious?

I am not sure that the American people know this, but in the midst of the economic issues we are facing in this country, and around the world, there is something even more important for our President to do…lifting the so-called stem cell research ban. Now, to be precise, stem cell research was never banned (despite the taglines found on your favorite mainstream media channel). What WAS banned was using federal funds to fund embryonic stem cell research. It didn’t keep federal funds from being used to fund research on existing lines of stem cells, nor did it ban the use of private funds to fund research on new lines of embryonic stem cells. I heard an interview yesterday (I forget with whom, but they were a supporter of lifting the ban), and they said that lifting the ban was the right thing to do, since these embryos would just end up “in the trash”. That one phrase says a whole lot about why our society is int he shape it is in. All I can say is that I am glad God is merciful. But let’s not also forget that God is just.

For those of you who wait with baited breathe for posts on this blog, keep your eyes open for my next post…it is on the interplay between taxes and tyranny. Stay tuned!

Until next time….


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