1. What does the title of your blog mean?

It translates to “For Liberty”. It also happens to be my family’s ancestral motto. Pretty convenient, eh?

Here’s the family crest….
Clan Crest Wallace - courtesy of www.scotclans.com

2. Why did you choose this as your title?

Because I have always found the motto inspirational, and it is a central ideal of this country that I love. Unfortunately, I think many people’s idea of liberty has become confused with freedom from want. Liberty, to many people, is to be taken care of (usually by the state) and for many it also equates with being able to do whatever or live however we want. Liberty does not equate with freedom from morality.  At least, that’s my view.

3. Are you a Republican?

Over and above, I would identify myself as conservative. My party affiliation is Republican. Unfortunately, the Republican party has strayed from its conservative principles somewhat. Part of the reason why I started this blog was to lend my voice to the movement to bring the party back to its conservative ideals. We made a good start in the 2010 elections, but there is still plenty left to do.

4. Why are you a conservative?

That is a good question that involves an answer that is much too long for this page. I hope to answer that questions in the weeks and months to come. However, much of my thinking on the subject has been sharpened by my study of American history during the formative years of our republic. I think that conservative ideals most equate with the vision the Founding Fathers had for our country. So I have tried to think through these ideals and really examine whether I believe them or not. I have come down (obviously) on the side that I do.

5. How did you get to where you are, ideologically speaking?

I am a child of the Reagan Revolution. My first political memory is of laying on the couch in our living room, sweating (I grew up in South Florida in a house with no central air) and watching the Republican National Convention in 1980. I vaguely remember doing things like waiting in gas lines with my parents, and I distinctly remember watching the ABC Nightly News and them ending every broadcast with the number of days it had been since the hostages had been taken in Iran. Even at my young age, I picked up on the malaise in the country. Reagan changed all that – of course it helped having at least one parent that responded favorably, but before you assume that I learned the politics of my parents, I had one parent that is pretty conservative and one that is pretty liberal – so I could have gone either way.