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It’s time for another edition on News & Notes..a quick peek at the things on my mind, and the minds of a lot of other Americans.

Today marks the 50th (official) day of the Obama administration. A lot of emphasis is put on a new administration’s first 100 days in office…it is the political equivalent of getting off the starting blocks. So, here we are halfway through that important period, and the question that I have been pondering is whether or not anyone that voted for this administration regrets their decision? It is hard for the human ego to admit when it is wrong, and Obama still enjoys a relatively high approval rating. However, it has started to slip in the past few weeks…not to mention the free-fall our stock market has been in since his inauguration. This morning on the way to work, I saw my first “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For McCain” bumper sticker. I will give Obama credit for one thing…this is about the earliest I have ever seen that bumper sticker appear.

I generally make it a habit to NOT watch the news from the three major networks. Nor do I watch MSNBC….however, it is often on at the gym, so I will watch from time to time. I am amazed at the obvious love affair it has with all things Liberal. The one thing that has disappointed me the most is Keith Olberman. For me, he and Dan Patrick made Sportscenter on ESPN into what it is today. I am not sure who gave him the career advice to ditch sportscasting and go wave his (red) flag on a news channel. He should sue whomever that is. Kudos to NBC for trying to reunite the dynamic duo on Sunday Night Football, but it is hard to get past the fact that he is another hack for the Liberals.

A random thought…who made the decision to label Republican states, districts, etc. red on the voting maps and the Democrat ones blue? Doesn’t it make more sense the other way around?…or is that just too obvious?

I am not sure that the American people know this, but in the midst of the economic issues we are facing in this country, and around the world, there is something even more important for our President to do…lifting the so-called stem cell research ban. Now, to be precise, stem cell research was never banned (despite the taglines found on your favorite mainstream media channel). What WAS banned was using federal funds to fund embryonic stem cell research. It didn’t keep federal funds from being used to fund research on existing lines of stem cells, nor did it ban the use of private funds to fund research on new lines of embryonic stem cells. I heard an interview yesterday (I forget with whom, but they were a supporter of lifting the ban), and they said that lifting the ban was the right thing to do, since these embryos would just end up “in the trash”. That one phrase says a whole lot about why our society is int he shape it is in. All I can say is that I am glad God is merciful. But let’s not also forget that God is just.

For those of you who wait with baited breathe for posts on this blog, keep your eyes open for my next post…it is on the interplay between taxes and tyranny. Stay tuned!

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3 responses to “News & Notes

  1. Grimey

    I have to jump on this one. The lifting of the ban on new stem cell lines just happens to coincide with revisiting the federal funding of abortions both here and abroad, yes? But they would be thrown in the trash anyway, right? I’m revolted to my core. God is merciful and just, and we should be forgiving – but that doesn’t mean we should keep our mouths shut when we disagree with the administration.

    I’m deeply disturbed by this apparent subservience to the President that the left seems to be exhibiting now. I’ve even read a recent article by a Canadian bishop (eh?) talking about how we need to remind him that he works for us not the other way around. Too many conservative Christians are simply not making themselves heard now that the elections are over, and I think we should be speaking up now more than ever. I for one will continue to pester my Congress-critters relentlessly.

    • Travis

      The epitaph that was thrown in the face of the Bush administration, as well as conservatives who are against the federal ban on embryonic stem cell research, was that it was “anti-science”. What that really means is that we are “anti-unfettered” science, or science without limits based on a moral framework. I am not aware of any science being stopped, outside of opening up new embryonic stem cell lines. To me, science uninformed by ethics or a moral framework is dangerous business.

      This ties into the Left’s general rejection of religion (especially Christianity) as a moral force or framework within which we should order our lives. The Left’s religion (don’t let them tell you they don’t have one) is secular humanism. This ultimately means that man is the apex of all creation, from a moral point of view. So, ultimately, whatever we want to do, we should be able to do. Kill unborn babies? No problem, because we decide when life begins. Embryos? A clump of cells not unlike any other ball of biological matter. Science is not the problem in the stem-cell research debate, it is not wanting to have science be subservient to ethics or morality. As the old adage goes, just because we CAN do it, doesn’t mean we SHOULD do it.

  2. Scott Holmes

    I can’t speak for others who voted for Obama, but I can say that I do not regret my vote for him. Doubt that I will ever, but certainly not at this juncture. Reason being is that I am aware that changes in politics, among many areas of life, do not happen overnight. The problem is that many Obama supporters think that everything would be better as soon as he took the oath. Clearly, that is not possible. So the supporters, both private and in the public eye, along with detractors seem to have built up a hype machine for which nothing short of instant change will and should occur. It’s an impossible task, an impossible promise and it’s one that Obama himself warned people against. He said that things are going to take time. People tend to forget that. He, or any president for that matter, can only do so much…

    As for the changes that are being made, well, that’s another discussion altogether, especially as it’s 5’o rock…

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