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Dear readers, I would suggest that you may want to play the lottery today, lucky as you are to have TWO posts today. However, I would not want to offend my Baptist brothers and sisters.

However, two items have caught my attention that I just could not pass up. The first (how could I have forgotten this in my previous post) is regarding the meeting between Rep. Nancy Pelosi and none other than Pope Benedict. For those of you who do not know, Rep. Pelosi is a practicing Roman Catholic (by her own admission). She is also “pro-choice” in both word and deed. So her policy positions (and votes) do not reflect much of what her own religion teaches. It speaks volumes when there was no Vatican photographer present at the meeting (unlike his meeting with every other public figure) and the Rep. Pelosi was unavailable for comment afterward. Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

Another article from NR caught my eye today, by Victor Davis Hanson. He talks in more depth about a point I brought up the other day, regarding the difference between running for office and running the office.  I cannot expand much on what Hanson says, but I use to point out that if you have not read any of his books (Carnage and Culture and Ripples of Battle, amongst others), allow me to urge you to do so. Hanson is a classical historian, and focuses on the military history of the Greeks. He draws amazing connections between how the Greeks fought their wars and the ways in which the West formed culturally, including how the West continues to fight its wars. He also published a great compilation of his writings in the days and weeks after 9/11 called An Autumn of War. I highly recommend it, for posterity’s sake.

Also, I came across a website recently that had me laughing a great deal. Called The People’s Cube, it fits the description found on it’s homepage as being “the Stalinist version of the Onion”. It is highly toungue-in-cheek, and is probably highly offensive to liberals. Hey, liberals get their SNL…Lewis Black….The Daily Show….so, consider this payback.


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