On The Job Training…

Hello to all my faithful blog readers. Again, apologies for being noticeably absent, but as I have stated before, until someone wants to pay me to write (which I give the same chance as a snowball might have in Greenland, what with rampant Global Warming), real life might intrude from time to time.

Mea Culpas aside, I submit for your review another excellent piece by Mark Steyn of the National Review on the state of the Obama administration a paltry three weeks in. He makes the excellent point that, while most presidencies rely on events to cause them to lose their footing, the Obama team seems perfectly adept at doing it to themselves. This is all the more surprising given the superb campaign that they ran, from a strategic and tactical point of view.

So, remember those desperate days long (4 months) ago, when one of the major issues the Republican Party (and conservatives in general) had with Obama was that he basically had no experience? Remember how we were told by the Obama team (and the mainstream media…or does that go without saying?) that the lack of experience was a non-issue and even a point to be lauded, political outsider that he was? Now, far be it from me to put forth the idea that we should have a professional class of politicians. Our founding fathers considered public service a type of noblesse oblige, the price to be paid for affording the blessings of living in a free society. I suspect that many of them would cast a curious (if not skeptical) eye towards those in our government, especially those that hold elected office, that are in public service year after year after year.

However, the apparent stumbles of the Obama administration do point to what is an obvious issue. One should probably have SOME experience doing SOMETHING before one aspires to hold the highest office in the land. By something, I mean a position where it falls on the person to make a decision about something meaningful and substantive.  A position that calls on one to make day to day decisions for the good of an organization or group. A position where success or failure for others rides on your abilities and character. With all due respect to President Obama, his resume is sorely lacking in these types of positions.

(Public Service Announcement – Anyone caught using the absurd analogy that Jesus was a community organizer will be ridiculed mercilessly. And then they will be challenged to show in the Bible where it clearly states Jesus was trying to organize a community. We return you to your regularly-scheduled post).

I do not think it is a coincidence (if I believed in coincidence) that many of our most effective Presidents have been businessmen or soldiers. Not to equate the two, but there does seem to me to be some similarity between the two vocations and their need to make decisions that are good for the organization (if not the members within). It is a far cry for one’s decisions to have an immediate effect on the livelihoods, or lives, of the people one is in charge of than it is for one’s decisions to have no such immediate consequences.

I don’t think that Obama and his team will continue to make the kinds of mistakes and errors in judgment that we have seen from them so far. At least, I hope not; not that I particularly want his policies to succeed, but whether I like it or not, Obama is now IN a position where, if he makes a mistake, millions of people could be adversely affected.  I am not talking about the, “gee, my 401(k) is down so I am going to have to put off retirement” kind of effect, but ones that have much more severe and immediate consequences.

Maybe now, some of the people who were blinded by Obama the candidate can see what those of us who weren’t could: there is a big difference between running FOR office and running THE office.


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