I Know I Promised…

that my next post would be on the economy, and I am working on it (yesterday’s speech by our Glorious Leader, er…President-elect Obama, is a veritable gold mine) – however, I couldn’t pass this one up.

Mr. President-elect….this is the best you could do?? Out of all of the people who work in the national security apparatus, this is the best you could do? To quote Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, “Please tell me you’ve got something more…Please tell me there is an ace up your sleeve.”

Honestly, couldn’t you have taken all the names of the people at the CIA, NSA, DIA, etc…put them in a hat, and picked one out? A janitor at Langley probably knows more about intelligence than Leon Panetta. Not that I have anything really against Panetta, apart from the fact that he is yet another Clinton administration retread.

(Clinton National Security Success #1: “Who’s calling? Sudan? They want to know what? Do I care to know exactly where Bin Laden is hiding?? You tell them I don’t have time right now, I have a meeting with an intern…she wants some career advice from me.”)

When Diane Feinstein, who happens to be both a leftist from the PRC (People’s Republic of California) and the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, isn’t for your nomination on the grounds that you don’t have any experience, you REALLY don’t have any experience. She probably thinks the CIA is still trying to overthrow Allende in Chile (and so what if we were?).

I would love to get any feedback from readers that happen to be with the Company, or any other part of our intelligence community…all comments are moderated, so if you don’t want something posted, just say so.

By the way, part of Obama’s reasoning for picking Panetta? “…officials noted that he had a handle on intelligence spending from his days as director of the Office of Management and Budget.” Whew, I feel better already.


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