You Can’t Go Home Again…

…or so the writer Thomas Wolfe once wrote. More on that later. First, let me wish all of my loyal readers…all three of you…a very Happy New Year. I hope that this year brings you blessings and fulfillment.  One of my “resolutions” for this year is to be more consistent in posting…so instead of having feast or famine periods, I hope to stick to a better schedule. As much as I would like to (and could) post here once or twice a day, it is more realistic to think once or twice a week.

While there is plenty in the world of politics and current events to write about, my first post of the year is on a more personal note…but it does have something to do with politics, I’ll explain… For those of you who don’t know, Thomas Wolfe lived in Asheville,  North Carolina. Which is convenient for me, since my post is about that very same city.

Asheville also happens to be the hometown of my lovely wife, so we are there a good amount. Our most recent trip was right after Christmas. While we were there, we took a little trip to downtown Asheville. Now, unless you have been visiting Asheville consistently over the past twenty years or so, you may not be amazed at the transformation of that part of town. Like many cities, it is undergoing an urban center renaissance. There is plenty to do, places to eat, and shops to spend money in. We were amazed that, even on a weekday afternoon, the place was hopping.

It doesn’t take long, while in downtown Asheville, to get the vibe of the place. As one might exepct for a city in the middle of the mountains, there is a lot of emphasis on the outdoors. There is also a lot of emphasis on environmental concerns.  There is also a lot of emphasis on…well, politics. After walking around for awhile, my wife leans in and says what I have been thinking…”We don’t…belong…here.” It’s not that we were treated poorly or looked at askance…of course, I had left my “Annoy A Liberal” T-shirt at home that day. I also have not made a habit of announcing my political affiliations on the back of my car, unlike the vast majority of Asheville-ites.

My wife then pointed out something else after we discussed the fact that, if we did live in Asheville, we probably wouldn’t be invited to a lot of cocktail parties. She pointed out that liberals, who often deride conservatives for being close-minded and dogmatic, are these days just as close-minded. In Asheville, the dogma seems to be:

1. Bush badddd

2. Republicans evil

3. Obama is savior

4. The world is going to implode if we don’t all drink organic coffee, wear clothes made out of hemp, and get our chakras cleansed

I am sure there have to be some conservatives in Asheville, but I suspect that most of them are labeled as “rednecks” and “ignorant”. Never mind that they may have arrived at their views in just as a principled and thought-out manner as most liberlas want you to believe that they used.

So, in the end, Thomas Wolfe was right…we can’t go home again. Unless we cleanse our chakras first.

PS – I am working on a post that covers the economy and the most recent “bailout” announced by the incoming Obama administration…but I have to pace myself or my head will explode. I am also looking for hard statistics to include, so its not just me ranting on. Stay tuned….


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One response to “You Can’t Go Home Again…

  1. Oh yea, I’ll never be allowed there again! Like I said one day during this past election season, I so love being the black sheep!=D
    On the topic of your next post:
    Did you see that the porn industry is asking for a $5 billion bailout.
    Uh yea.
    And, apparently it’s almost too late for the economy anyway, so should we even bother:

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