Change We Can Believe In??

Now that the euphoria of Obama’s victory is beginning to wear off, he and his team are settling down to getting the first iteration of Team Obama squared away. I have been watching with great interest, and not a little bit of trepidation, as names have been bandied about for posts in Obama’s administration.

Being interested in foreign policy first and foremost, I have been unpleasently unsurprised by the names that have been offered up for the Secretary of State job (Hilary being only slightly better than John Kerry). With that position simmering, Obama’s transition team is still hard at work filling positions. Here is an article from National Review on the AG position.

I am not surprised at the AG-designate’s positions on such things as how best to deal with the enemy combatants at Gitmo and other issues. I think the thing that is most notable is how Holden was heavily involved in the Clinton Administration’s Justice Department, especially at the end of the administration and its efforts to pardon a whole slew of nefarious characters. I know that all Presidents tend to use their power of pardon in a political manner, but I think that many observers, on both sides of the aisle, thought Clinton’s use of this executive power especially egregious.

Obama ran largely on a message of change, including changing the way that politics are “done” in Washington. So far, I haven’t heard one name outside of the political insiders circle being considered for any major posts in Obama’s administration. I realize that most Presidential candidates (unless they are the incumbant) run on a platform of change, and that many of the people that are qualified to fill positions within any administration have had previous stints in lower posts with other administrations or have held some other political position. But Obama was able to mobilize thousands with his message. Which leads me to the question of just what kind of “change” did they vote for?

For those of us that were pretty sure we knew what change meant to Obama, I suspect that this is but the first name in a long list of names that will confirm what we suspected.


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