Welcome to my new blog. I have been toying with beginning a blog for quite a while now, and given recent events in my country, I felt it more necessary than ever to join my voice to the discussion over the path that this great nation will take over the next several years. This is more important to me than ever as I watch and wonder what kind of America will my son grow up in.

So this blog is going to focus mostly on political and social issues, but don’t be surprised if we delve into topics on history, faith, science, family, and anything else that catches my attention. So, in the immortal words of kindergarten teachers everywhere, “put your thinking caps on…”

If you want to know a little more about me, and where I come from (both literally and figuratively), click here.

Now, a few ground rules:

  1. I welcome your comments. However, if you feel it necessary to call me (or others) names or just hurl insults, I reserve the right to delete your comment. Let’s try and keep it reasonably civil. This goes for everyone on both sides of the issues.
  2. The goal here is to discuss and debate ideas. While this can get heated, let’s try to not resort to using conspiracy theories or other unsubstantiated junk to shut other people down. This means no “vast right-wing conspiracy” nonsense, as well as “Obama is the Anti-Christ” nonsense. Unless, of course, he proves to be…then we can rightfully call him as such (liberals – that was a joke).
  3. Let’s all follow the general “rules of the road” for the web – no spamming, hacking, cracking, etc, etc, etc.

Now, on with the show….


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