Our Needed “Patton” Moment

Many conservatives, like myself, have spent the past few days trying to console ourselves (and each other) over the results of the election. Here in the Tarheel State, not only did we not re-elect Elizabeth Dole (yes, that campaign was nasty, but not as bad as the national media made it out to be), we also elected another democrat for Governor.

Just a side note on that particular race…Kay Hagan complained that Elizabeth Dole’s campaign accused her of being “godless” during the last few days of the campaign. This, of course, after Kay went to a fundraiser put on by the Godless Americans. Hello??? Did no one in her camp not think…”hmm, North Carolina is a pretty religious state, it’s practically the buckle of the bible belt…maybe we shouldn’t attend this fundraiser…” The great thing about it is that, after that ad came out, Kay Hagan put her poor pastor up to doing ads defending her faith. Of course, she attends a Presbyterian Church (PCUSA, I am sure); this is the same wonderful denomination that just a few years ago at their General Assembly actually considered some new names for the Holy Trinity. Maybe not godless, but not exactly preaching the inerrant word of God either. Anyway, back to our originally scheduled post.

Here is a little piece of motivation by Bill Whittle over at National Review. My only question is couldn’t he have found a Confederate victory that made the same point??

Of course, no one can motivate like George C. Scott (playing Patton) can….

and who could forget this one from Braveheart??

or this one from Braveheart??….

So take heart, my fellow countrymen (and women). And in the immortal words of our Vice-President elect, “gird your loins”.


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